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Don't let those allergies keep you down any longer.

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Ever wondered what is causing you to suffer from allergies?

Dr. Cox offers allergy testing of the 48 most frequent allergens in our region, things such as grasses, weeds, molds, animals, and more! All people over the age of 2 can be tested, and all testing is done here in the office, with immediate results!


After testing, Dr. Cox is happy to be able to provide patients an opportunity to undergo allergy immunotherapy. Immunotherapy is an alergy treatment that can truly change somebody’s life. Anyone with allergies, knows how much of a nuesiance and obstacle they can become. Technically, immunotherapy is the only disease-modifying allergy treatment that safely, over time, induces the body’s immune cells to decrease or even prevent symptoms.


50 million adults suffer from allergy symptoms and 40% of all children also sufer from allergy symptoms. We will create a solution to combat your specific allergens to get you feeling better. All testing and immunotherapy is covered by most insurances. Call today to set up an appointment for your allergy test!




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